Value Chain Analysis of UAV-based Surveying and Mapping

Working with modern multicopter technology is always associated with the promise of cost cutting. According to different statements by UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) manufacturers all over the world, factors like time, staff, technology and software as well as expenses for mission planning are the main reasons. Aibotix, Drone Industry Insights, HafenCity University Hamburg and ConTech worked together for a groundbreaking study on commercial UAV applications for surveying, mapping and monitoring. Within the last months, thousands of details have been evaluated to answer one major question:  How to make money with UAV?

Value Chain Analysis - UAV-based Surveying

In the course of the study, the authors focussed on hexacopter applications for surveying, mapping and monitoring in the field of construction. Droneii names benefits for the work with UAV for photogrammetry, shows economies of scale, advantages and disadvantages for make-or-buy decisions of UAV and UAS technology and discusses quality standards. The study's results will make it easier for you to choose the best sensor for your next Aibot X6 V2 mission. You will also learn more about accuracy and precision and the main differences between UAV photogrammetry and conventional laser scanning.

With the workflow in mind, the analysis shows the relevance of a good flight planning software and how to plan an UAV mission. Basics like overlap,  ground speed, height and ground sampling distance will be discussed and explained. To get the best out of your data, the authors examine the relation of sensor quality and post processing results - no matter if you are looking for point clouds, digital elevation model (DEM), orthophoto or 3d models. The evaluation of photogrammetry software providers will help to make your decision for your system easy as 1-2-3.

decision-making process for the use of ua technology 

The result of the cooperation of the UAV manufacturer Aibotix, UAV service company ConTech, UAV business experts Drone Industry Insights and the HafenCity University is an unique overview of the chances for the work with professional UAV. Be fascinated by saving up to 90% of your expenses compared to convetional methods. Learn how to get your ROI (return on invest) as quick as possible and how to move your business to the next level.

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