Warehouse logistics with an industrial UAV

The InventAIRy research project is concerned with developing an autonomous flying copter platform for indoor and outdoor storage areas with adaptable auto ID technology. The project aims to develop an autonomous flying robot system based on the Internet of Things. The focus here is on self-organisation of machines and interaction among systems. The sensors allow the system to independently observe and analyse the surrounding environment so that it is able to navigate through a warehouse, detect logistical objects and carry out an inventory. The information collected is also transmitted to third-party systems via intelligent interfaces and services. This allows the direct transfer of selected context-related information.

UAV warehouse logistics with UAVs 

The project’s biggest challenge is the development of an autonomous aerial robot system with cognitive abilities that can steer itself and communicate with other devices (M2M) and software systems via smart networks. The service robot operates as an intelligent mobile device and obtains its cognitive abilities via the applied sensors, which allow it to conduct a comprehensive dynamic assessment of the surrounding environment.

Inventairy UAV research project with Fraunhofer Institute 

Aibotix GmbH is in charge of developing the autonomous aerial robot and is responsible for the technical management of the consortium in this project.

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