UAV Quarry Surveying

Capturing vauable data for a Norwegian quarry with the flexible Aibot X6 surveying UAV.

UAV-based quarry surveying job in Norway

The tachymeter has long been an essential tool for surveying engineers and it is hard to imagine a surveyor’s portfolio without it. This instrument, which is used for surveying and measuring points and which is able to calculate horizontal directions, vertical angles and slants, will now be complemented by the Aibot X6. This hexacopter is an intelligent copter platform whose key features are ease of operation and a high degree of robustness. It was developed to meet the highest requirements of industrial inspection and surveying and is a revolution in the geo-mapping field.

Norwegian firm Asker Oppmaling AS tested the survey UAV Aibot X6. The test area was a 33-ha stone quarry near Oslo. Asker compared the ground control points that were measured conventionally with those measured using the Aibot X6. The result: the values measured using the hexacopter are extremely precise.

The intelligent flying robot also makes the work of surveyors a lot easier and saves a huge amount of time, according to Myhre:

“It’s crazy how much time we save by using the multicopter. We can control the Aibot X6 hexacopter from a central location, which saves us the laborious task of having to walk through the pit.”

It would usually take three to four weeks just to survey the Norwegian quarry using conventional methods, which require the surveyors to walk through the quarry in order to collect the data. Certain parts, like dangerous pits and muddy areas, are very difficult for them to access and usually cannot be surveyed.

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