UAV Surveying Tasks

When accomplishing aerial surveying missions, a reliable working tool like the Aibot X6 hexacopter is of utmost importance.

Surveying and mapping with UAVs

Spitthöver [&] Jungemann Surveyors in North Rhine-Westphalia are experts in a wide variety of surveying tasks, ranging from urban and rural land management to cadastral and engineering surveys. These tasks include producing as-built plans of large areas or volume calculations of waste disposal sites and coal tips for monitoring or billing purposes. The surveyors are increasingly using the Aibotix X6 survey UAV in their work.

Managing Director Ekkehard Jungemann used the hexacopter to survey the exterior area of a newly built supermarket in order to produce an orthophoto and a site plan documenting the paving and marking work that had been carried out. It only took around an hour to survey the site, but without a multicopter it would have taken two employees a whole day.

Faster, greater precision, more extensive

The time savings are just one of the many benefits, according to Jungemann. He says:,“Aerial surveys allow us to capture large quantities of highly precise data within a very short time. At the supermarket, we were able to survey the whole site in just one flight.” Further analyses can also be undertaken quickly at a later point in time using the extensive data already collected. In the case of the supermarket, the client subsequently also decided to have the land behind the building surveyed. As the data had already been generated, Jungemann and his employees were able to calculate the information quickly in the office.

Automatic documentation of the actual situation

Aibotix also makes work easier for the employees who produce layouts on the computer. They receive all the relevant information along with the photos, meaning they no longer need to query anything with their colleagues, who collected the data. Aerial surveying also offers a further advantage. “By surveying an area from above and saving the image data, it is easy to use it later to prove the actual state of the site at the time the survey was carried out,” explains Jungemann.

Offering customers real added value with the Aibot X6

The surveyors also used the Aibotix X6 hexacopter when they were officially commissioned to survey the marketplace in the town of Warendorf. From a height of 50 metres, image data was captured to an accuracy of within a centimetre in less than an hour and then worked up into a 3D model.

A further example is the creation of a site plan for the expansion of a municipal waste water treatment plant. Using the orthophoto and the 3D model, it was possible to determine the required measurement values conveniently in the office.

For Jungemann, using the UAV for survey tasks is strategically important. “Our company has always adopted new technologies at a very early stage. This allows us to continually offer our customers added value and expand our position in the market.”

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