Additional equipment for your Aibot X6

Aibotix X6 Transport Case

Professional UAV Transport Case 

  • 103 x 110 x 43 cm
  • robust aluminium/ plastic

Aibotix X6 Transport Bag

Transport cover for Aibot X6 

  • made from hardwearing nylon
  • water resistant
  • Color: grey/black

Aibot X6 V2 Remote Control

Remote Control Graupner MC 32 

  • including Graupner transmitter HoTT
  • battery 2000 mAh
  • receiver Graupner HoTT GR24
  • battery charger
  • micro SD-card 2 GB
  • Aibotix adapted firmware
  • ready to fly with Aibot X6

Aibot X6 Battery pack

Case for UAV Batteries

  • Eight 5000 mAh 5S LiPo batteries
  • including battery case
  • including battery tester
  • tested and ready to use

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