Professional UAV with HP GNSS

Aibot HP GNSS 2 – your RTK solution for the UAV Aibot X6

Developed for demanding tasks in surveying, industrial inspections, and the agriculture and forestry business. Use the centimetre accuracy of the Aibot HP GNSS 2 position data for exact georeferencing of your mission data. The robust work flow guarantees the best information and mission results.

You will get accuracy up to 1 cm average deviation with just one GCP each 10 hectare.

High Precision GNSS module for industrial UAVs 

Centimetre accuracy, compact and performance-minded

The Aibot HP GNSS 2 is delivered in a ruggedised hardcase, providing more space for additional instruments. You can also select a SATEL UHF modem to be part of the package.

Use a GNSS base station or NTRIP services such as SmartNet of Leica Geosystems to get georeferenced data with centimetre accuracy for surveying, as well as industrial inspection of power lines, wind turbines, dams and many more.

Transport case for high precision GNSS (HP GNSS) for industrial UAVs 

Satel modem for HP GNSS 2 RTK UAV solution

Get precision with every flight

Execute your mission with the Aibot HP GNSS 2 and collect GNSS raw data. NovAtel GrafNav and Leica Infinity software blends data with GNSS reference data to generate centimetre accurate mission files for precise georeferencing in Aibotix AiProFlight.

 Technical details Aibot HP GNSS 2
 Diameter  240/60mm
 Weight  370g (+/- 10g), without SD-card
 Mount/ Interface
 Aibot X6 battery cover/AMIC
 Operating conditions
 -10° to 40° C (-14° to 104° F)
 Protection  IP 42 (if mounted), overvoltage protection
 Operating modes
 RTK (NTRIP, base station), GNSS raw data recording
 RTK operating radius
 450m (1.476ft.), operate with GNSS signal coverage
 RTK protocols
 RTCM 3.0, 3.1
 GNSS receiver
 Dual-frequency GNSS receiver GPS + GLONASS, L1/L2
 Update rate
 20 Hz (position and measurement)
 Horizontal accuracy
 RTK 1cm + 1ppm (RMS), DGPS 40cm, L1/L2 120cm
 Time to first fix
Cold/hot start (3D-Fix) <50/35 sec*, RTK-fix typically <60 sec*
 Data recording
 Novatel GNSS raw data format ati 20 Hz, 2GB SD-card
 Conformity  CE

*depending on individual signal coverage

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