AgiSoft PhotoScan Pro

3D modeling software for UAV applications

With the Agisoft PhotoScan Software and the Aibot X6 UAV you have the perfect tools to render your digital data into photogrammetric 3D models. Therefore the software calculates fully-automated the collected 2D-data into a point cloud and generates a georeferenced 3D object.

workflow Agisoft Photoscan

The combination of Agisoft PhotoScan and the Aibot X6 gives you the possibility to process data collected with our standard sensors, as well as data recorded with multi-, hyperspectral and thermal cameras, into a 3D model. Especially when it comes to mapping & surveying the Agisoft PhotoScan makes it possible to create highly accurate orthophotographic recordings, as well as surface and volume calculations. A further use can be seen in the high-precision agriculture to display the data generated with multi- and hyperspectral cameras.

Screenshot Agisoft quarry


Screenshot Agisoft

Agisoft PhotoScan Pro allows generating high resolution georeferenced orthophotos, point clouds and exceptionally detailed DEMs / textured polygonal models.

  • Point cloud generation
  • Digital elevation model (DEM) generation
  • True orthophoto generation
  • Georeferencing of generated results
  • 4D reconstruction for dynamic scenes

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