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Since 2011, the Aibot X6 UAV has been delivered in more than 50 different regions all over the world. The global customers of Aibotix and Leica Geosystems AG rely on the reliability and accuracy of the technology from Kassel, Germany in their daily business. In addition to the hexacopter Aibot X6, Aibotix is also responsible for the development of the flight planning and communication software Aibotix AiProFlight. Both software and UAV have been redefining workflows for aerial data capturing.
“The way surveyors and inspection professionals are working has changed significantly during the last 5 years,” says Lothar Assenmacher, managing director. “The success of UAV like the Aibot X6 is not only to capture aerial data, but to save time and costs. Photogrammetry is based on high quality data and needs perfect integrated imaging sensors. That’s what the Aibot X6 UAV stands for.”

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Store-in AiProFlight
Autonomous data acquisition enters a new era
With the last release 15 August, Aibotix introduced the redesign of Aibotix AiProFlight as well as a broad range of fully integrated standard sensors. At INTERGEO 2016, Aibotix introducts the next step to make the workflow even simpler. Waypoint flights with up to 1,500 waypoints will be stored permanently on the UAV with the new option StoreIn Flight. This feature allows users to upload very large missions and project data with just one click and will save time and planning effort. After each battery change the autonomous waypoint flight will continue automatically. The option also allows repeat flights automatically and to store missions permanently on the Aibot X6 Version 2 with Aibotix AiProFlight 2.9. Aibotix AiProFlight 2.9 will be released 1 November 2016.
“StoreIn Flight is Aibotix’ solution for results-oriented and time-saving processing of large projects,” explains Tom Rudolph, director Research & Development. “Especially our customers in areas like surveying, construction and monitoring will benefit from the latest developments. Standardised workflows and less processing time will be the visible results.”

teach-in AiProFlight

TeachIn Flight – automated inspection flights
The inspection of wind turbines, buildings, bridges or the other complex structures is much easier now. Manually-operated flights can be repeated automatically with the TeachIn Flight option. With this feature, the Aibot X6 Version 2 flies autonomously as it does during standard surveying missions. Camera and recording position, which are the crucial inspection parameters, will be stored by the Aibot X6 UAV and can then be repeated autonomously at the same location at any time. This option saves time and simplifies the data acquisition significantly. TeachIn Flight allows repeating flights regardless of the pilot and optimises the standards of the data quality distinctly.

teach-in AiProFlight
Visualised planning in all dimensions
3D Visual, a new viewing module, redefines the way of visualising the flight planning and flight path in height and distance. In this way, customers of the Aibot X6 Version 2 can visualise their flights in two separate windows in on-top view and in a height profile and plan their missions in more detail. Particularly in rough terrain structures with varying heights or for inspection missions with complex structures, this option is a useful support.
5 years Aibot X6 - a visible added value in everyday life
In celebration of the fifth anniversary of Aibot X6 UAV, all delivered hexacopters will have a special gold logo. The standard will include the Aibot X6 Version 2 with remote control, the latest version Aibotix AiProFlight 2.9 and a set of batteries in the Aibotix suitcase with the Aibotix charging set. All anniversary systems receive a special certificate and will be shipped from 1 November on.
"Connected to the anniversary Aibot X6 is a sincere thanks to our customers," says Carsten Rudolph, director of Global Sales Support. "This package provides the optimal basis for photogrammetry with an UAV. The new features complete the system and thus offer everyone the opportunity to invest in the latest technology for aerial surveying and inspection. "

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