Press Releases

  • October, 2016

    Intergeo 2016 Hexagon

    Hexagon showcases geospatial enterprise solutions at INTERGEO 2016
    11 October 2016

    INTERGEO 2016

    Aibotix presents the newest innovations in UAV technologx at INTEGEO 2016
    11 October 2016

  • September, 2015

    Aibot X6 V2 Nano-Hyperspec camera

    Following its premiere at last year’s INTERGEO in Berlin, the fully integrated solution for a hyperspectral camera fitted to the AibotX6 UAV...
    15 September 2015

    Aibot X6 V2 High Precision GNSS

    head of this year’s INTERGEO in Stuttgart, which runs from 15. to 17. September 2015, the Kassel-based company Aibotix GmbH has presented a new...
    15 September 2015

    Aibotix GmbH INTERGEO 2015

    Kassel-based company Aibotix GmbH to present a unique programme of new solutions for survey helicopters, indoor and outdoor flight shows and...
    03 September 2015

  • February, 2015

    Hexacopter Measures Zero Gravity Plane

    The publicly appointed surveyors Uli Bauer and Andreas Gelhausen have generated a 3D model of the landing gear of the zero gravity Airbus A300...
    18 February 2015

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