Faced with rising energy costs, companies are increasingly keen to manufacture their products more efficiently. As a result, greater priority is being given to previously untapped energy-saving opportunities. Although compressed air is known to be an expensive utility that is inefficient to produce, leaks in compressed air systems have often remained neglected due to poor spatial accessibility and low product relevance. However, regular inspections can detect leaks at an early stage, thus reducing losses. The same also applies to the inspection of high temperature equipment such as annealing ovens. At the same time, opportunities to improve working environments are often not identified because there is no comprehensive recording and assessment of work environment factors. Multimodal mapping of the local climatic situation can contribute to an improved assessment of the workplace, for example.

Robot}air{ UAV project 

The aim of the Robot}air{ research project is to develop and evaluate a prototype cost-efficient ground-air service robot system for the detection and location of compressed air leaks in order to assure the sustainable use of resources and energy, and for the assessment of work environment factors in order to ensure healthy working conditions and boost productivity. The technical system consists of a teleoperated aerial robot and a semi-autonomous ground robot. Both are equipped with a sensory payload and a mobile control console. This generates an informative overview of the situation from sensor signals and visualises it for the user.

Aibotix GmbH is responsible for developing and adapting the aerial robot and for integrating the various measuring sensors into the copter platform.

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