Power Line Inspection

Accomplishing power line inspections with an UAV

UAV-based power line inspection

Austrian electricity transmission network operator Austrian Power Grid AG (APG) uses the Aibot X6 hexacopter from Aibotix to inspect overhead power lines more quickly and efficiently. Aibotix works in close partnership with APG to develop individual solutions for the transmission grid operator’s areas of application. One example is the “teach-in technique”, where inspection flights already completed are saved. This means that the same flight can be exactly repeated at a later point in time without the required parameters having to be set all over again. This form of cooperation is only possible because Aibotix develops both the hardware and the software in-house. APG also appreciates the ease of operation and robustness of the Aibot copter.

For Paul Zachoval, APG operations coordinator, the partnership with Aibotix is strategically important.

“In the Aibot X6, we see an innovative product with major potential benefits for our business segment,” he says. “Implementing the development concept is not only significantly improving inspection of the overhead power lines, it is also a huge step forward in terms of securing the civil power supply."

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