UAV-based surveying and mapping of mines and construction sites with the Aibot X6

UAV adding value and overview to mines and construction sites

Improve workflows with the Aibot X6 UAV on mining and construction sites


Imagine a mine where every day, planning software automatically tasks drones – completely autonomously – to collect high-resolution coordinate scans, imagery and other remote sensing of the entire mine. Data from highwalls, stockpiles, waste dumps, tailings dams, blasting and plants is collected by the UAV and converted into information for quicker, smarter decision-making. With the use of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Aibot X6 you are on your first step to this vision.

Running a mining operation is about efficient exploration and extraction of rare material. Finding new deposits and developing plans to produce the most yardage at the lowest cost can be the fine line between loss and success in the mining business. Modern technologies like industrial UAVs with their potential of carrying various sensors like high resolution cameras, thermal infrared cameras and multi-spectral sensors are therefore becoming more and more demanded to prevent costly bottlenecks.

  • UAV can be a valuable add-on to:
  • Mine site mapping
  • Exploration planning and developing
  • Calculating mineral recources
  • Stockpile mapping
  • Haul route optimization

There have long been many places in a mine where foot traffic is not allowed or is highly dangerous: near the crests and toes of highwalls, under operating machinery, on stockpiles and muck piles, near blasts, etc. under these circumstances, obtaining measurements with a surveying rod, total station or GNSS is problematic. UAV photography and remote sensing allows capturing all that information without putting someone in harm’s way.

Better blast optimization, improved safety, faster surveying, and construction of the most comprehensive and continuous project datasets are just some of the advantages of this technology. Aerial data generated by UAVs is bringing innovations throughout the whole mining business and is reshaping the way companies survey mine sites – for a fraction of the cost.

Therefore the autonomously flying drone from Aibotix is especially designed for the demanding tasks in surveying, mining and industrial inspection. Equipped with a high level of artificial intelligence, this UAV reaches almost any target and can independently create high-resolution images and videos. It offers the possibility to adapt varying kinds of sensors, from hyper-spectral to thermal sensors and sensors for other industry-specific missions. 

Data captured by the industrial UAV allows mines to generate orthophotos, 3D models and high-density point clouds with great accuracy. The flight planning software Aibotix AiProFlight makes it simple to obtain all the parameters essential for proficient photogrammetry. The drone’s ability to hover and take photos at any angle makes it ideally suited to stockpile and muck-pile monitoring and analysis, plus rock mass characterisation, and plant, equipment and highwall inspections.

Poor blast fragmentation of ore material can wipe millions of dollars from the value of a mine. Aerial photogrammetry and point-cloud technology have an important role to play in improving blast optimization. After blasting, UAV data can reveal blast material movement, delineations between ore and waste, and allow fragmentation analysis. All of this allows mines to quickly learn more about their geology and their blasting performance, driving the site toward better knowledge of its material and better blasting practices.

measuring a mine with the Aibot X6


Construction projects scale up from year to year and put higher requirements on engineers, site manager, construction companies and public administrations. But they also raise the bar for machinery and technology with more material to be moved quicker on larger sites to keep the schedule.

To get a clear view over progress and earthmovings an industrial UAV gives you the accurate data to monitor and survey the construction site. Imagine the possibility of daily stockpile monitoring to increase efficiency on the site, just by gathering data with the Aibot X6, nearly autonomously.  Precise volume calculation to verify the moved masses without interrupting any workflow on the site is just one benefit of using drones to monitor your site. Besides the efficiency increase, it furthermore raises the safety level reducing foot traffic on your site.

Using the Aibot X6 UA levels up your operations by:

  • Daily measuring within minutes
  • Accuracy within centimeters
  • Increasing efficiency with pre-planned routes
  • Increasing safety on the site by reducing persons

With the data recorded by the Aibot X6 UAV, surveyors can generate a highly precise 3D model using photogrammetry software like Agisoft for analysis and assessment.

Monitoring a construction SIte with the Aibot

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