Buildings & Bridges

Performing a building or bridge inspection with an UAV

Bridge inspection with an UAV

Advantages of the Aibot X6 UAV over conventional methods such as helicopters, scaffolds, cranes and industrial climbers:

  • Cost reduction due to minimal staff and operating costs
  • Inspection of all areas, even inside the bridge pylons and from below
  • Reduced inspection time per bridge
  • Traffic can flow during inspection
  • Increased safety
  • High resolution pictures show even tiny cracks
  • Comprehensive documentation of the actual state


  • Regular inspections (major and minor inspections, over flights)
  • Damage investigations, for example rust, water damage, storm damage

Flight behaviour and system operations:

  • Collision protection
  • On-top camera for taking pictures of the bottom of the bridge (under bridge inspection)
  • Vertical ascent with stable flight characteristics
  • Robust GPS positioning for photography
  • If necessary, separate user interfaces for UAV and camera operator

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