Standard Sensors

With the Sony ILCE-6000 and the Sony ILCE-7R, the Aibot X6 hexacopter can carry two professional cameras as standard sensors.

Aibotix Ai DLVP

Raise precision to a new level, using the Aibotix Ai DLVP. When working on inspection tasks, the ground station will provide you with important live video footage.


The RTK Solution Aibot X6 HP GNSS for professional applications like industrial inspections and precision agriculture and forestry.


Capturing aerial multi-spectral data will be of great importance in many industrial sectors. See how the Parrot Sequoia is integrated in the Aibot X6 system.

Workswell WIRIS

Equipping a thermal infrared camera on an industrial UAV opens up new ways of inspections. See how we integrated the Workswell WIRIS 640 2nd Generation in the Aibot X6 UAS.


Additional components like transport cases, covers, battery packs.