Standard Sensors

Aibotix standard sensors

Highest precision - following this principle, Aibotix has developed a full integration workflow for all new standard sensors to simplify your daily UAV business and ensure you receive the best possible results. We work closely with our teams of engineers and experts to provide you with the best functionality, reliability, quality and service. As a result, we have new standard sensors to capture data for photogrammetry, thermal and IR analysis as well as for tasks in the field of forestry and agriculture thanks to the new multi-spectral sensor.

Sony ILCE-6000 APS-C

Aibotix Standard Sensor for UAS: Sony Alpha 6000 

The Sony ILCE-6000 APS-C sensor quality is unique in its class, providing you with 24.3 MP data for your photogrammetry workflows. An optimal combination of a large sensor, interchangeable lenses and high resolution enables outstanding data at maximum flight time. The integrated zoom function via RC allows excellent live inspection performance.

 Sony ILCE-6000 
Sony ILCE-6000  APS-C (25.3 x 15.6 mm) with 24.3 MP
Lens mount  Sony E-mount
ISO  100 to 25,600
Shutterspeed  1/4,000 to 30 sec
Weight  344 g
Lenses  16-50 mm zoom, 20 mm pancake
UAV applications  Mapping, surveying, inspection


Sony ILCE-7R 


Sony Alpha 7R

The Sony ILCE-7R’s 36.4 MP stands for images without compromises. It is the smallest and lightest full frame camera worldwide and enables UAV aerial images in a completely new quality.

 Sony ILCE-7R
Sony ILCE-7R
 35 mm CMOS (35.9 x 24 mm) with 36.4 MP
Lens mount  Sony E-mount
ISO  100 to 25,600
Shutterspeed  1/8,000 to 30 sec
Weight  465 g
Lenses  35 mm Zeiss, 50 mm Zeiss
UAV applications  Mapping, surveying, inspection


Additional Lenses

Lenses for standard sensors of Aibot UAV 

Every tasks demands an individual decision for choosing the right lens. With this in mind, Aibotix selected lenses of Sony and Zeiss to cover all solutions and open new opportunities for you. Choose between the zoom lens 16-50 mm and the 20 mm pancake for ILCE-6000 and Zeiss 35 mm or 50 mm for ILCE-7R.

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