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Planning UAV flight missions with Ai ProFlight

In autonomous flight mode, the Aibot X6 V2 can fly along waypoints automatically. The route is set with Aibotix AiProFlight flight planning software and transmitted wirelessly to the Aibot. With the help of pre-planned routes, the Aibot can perform inspection and mapping flights of any pattern without manual piloting.

Planning a waypoint flight for a solar energy plant inspection:

Setting important waypoints in AiProFlight

Open a planning square with the mouse pulled over the area that shall be surveyed with the Aibot X6 V2. The program creates the route shown in red automatically.

Defining waypoints in AiProFlight

This is a final way point plan. The white points indicate the positions at which the data will be captured.

 Waypoint Generator
 Ground Sampling Distance


 Groundspeed  3.00m/s
 Forward Overlap
 Side Overlap
 Altitude  25m
 Waypoints  150 events
 Trigger Sequence


Planning a POI (Point Of Interest) flight:

POI Editor of AiProFlight

The white point in the middle of the circle indicates a so called point of interest (POI). This could be a building that shall be inspected. The flight path leads around that POI, to which the camera is directed at all times.

AiProFlight for UAV flight planning

This inspection flight plan around the POI - in this case the Hercules monument in Kassel, Germany - was planned automatically. The yellow fields represent the camera foot prints on the ground.

 Point of interest (POI)
 Offset Angle
 Circle Radius
 Waypoints  25 events
 Altitude  130m
 POI altitude
 Pitch  60°
 Groundspeed  3m/s


Aibotix AiProFlight 2 Software

Ai ProFlight for UAV flight planning

Ability to design waypoint-flights, which will be performed automatically by the Aibot X6 V2 upon instruction. Waypoint planning is done on geo-referenced imagery. Additional features include:

  • Automatic generation of raster flights in respect to photogrammetric requirements
  • Geo-referencing of captured data
  • Payload manager for different sensors including offset information
  • Map-caching and offline planning function
  • Logfile manager as 'blackbox system'

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