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In the unlikely case of a service need, please contact our service team. Contact details can be found on this page.

Quality in every detail

All Aibot X6 are developed and manufactured in Kassel, Germany. Our manufacturing processes meet the high standards of the electrical and robotics industry. We employ only highly qualified employees who with up-to-date equipment. All manufacturing and assembly processes are standardised.

Complete documentation

All Aibot X6 undergo standardised approval procedures after production and before delivery. Here, all flight characteristics, electronic components, mechanics and software will be checked. Also, the test procedure itself is subject to periodic review so that we use constantly updated quality assurance procedures. At the end of all tests, the documentation of the results is available, which we will file for each copter.

Service is our self-image

Service starts for us before purchasing. How we will respond to your individual service requests is a transparent process and part of all sales conversations. Whether you have a service contract with us or reserve your service individually, we will always explain service scope and time requirements. You will always know the background of every detail of your bill. We repair only what is absolutely necessary.

Personal & committed

We take time for your questions. We are happy to advise you personally in all matters concerning your copter. We advocate for you and for your copter. Even in special cases and exceptional requirements, we deliver a convincing result.

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